PBS39WX channel 39.5 is broadcasting now!

Live weather radar has returned to broadcast television with PBS39WX broadcasting over the air on channel 39.5.

Northeast Indiana residents can tune their sets to a new PBS39 weather radar channel effective Monday, July 1, 2019. The new 24/7 Weather Radar channel is called PBS39WX and is being broadcast over the air on channel 39.5.

Phase One-Sample Image

PBS39WX-Phase 1. Click on image to enlarge.

During its first weeks, the first phase of the PBS39WX service will feature continuous near real-time National Weather Service Doppler weather radar, weather warnings and National Weather Service audio as originated from the Northern Indiana Bureau in North Webster.

PBS39WX-Phase 2 Example

PBS39WX-Phase 2. Click on Image to enlarge.

PBS39WX’s second phase, expected to be on the air on or before September 1, will add features such as forecast information; live weather and climatic information, daily weather extremes such as highs, lows, peak wind gusts and more to the service.

While this channel is currently available to area viewers using standard broadcast (over-the-air antenna television), PBS39 is currently in talks with area pay TV providers in the hopes that they will add this public service channel to their lineup, though they are not obligated to do so.

Some viewers may be able to receive PBS39WX automatically, while other viewers watching regular broadcast TV via an antenna may need to rescan their TV sets to add and acquire the new channel.

Click here to Donate and support PBS39's Weather Radar Service!

Click here to Donate and support PBS39’s Weather Radar Service!


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