Discover never-before-seen appraisals from all five Season 23
cities, including 1949 Charles and Ray Eames molded chairs,
a Sioux pipe and pipe bag made around 1880, and
a 1953 MAD Issue 8 "Frank N. Stein" story.

Junk In TheTrunk #9

Monday, October 14 at 8:00pm @ 39.1

Learn why crime witnesses fail to act. Meet a Naval
officer who transformed the military. Psychedelic drugs
like LSD are back in the lab. Follow the voyage of a
trash barge that persuaded us to recycle.

Oct. 14
@ 39.1

Premieres at 10:00pm on 39.1: When journalist Assia Boundaoui investigates rumors of
surveillance in an Arab-American neighborhood outside Chicago, she encounters one of the
largest counterterrorism probes conducted before 9/11 -- one that has had
profound impacts on the community.

The Feeling of
Being Watched

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Cultivate the
the future
you want, today.

Click on or tap on this image to stream: Louisa
meets Spiro's wife for the first time and invites
her to join the family on a trip. However, the journey
ends badly when their picnic is eaten by hungry

Episode 3

Ross’ tenacity in helping Ned
bears fruit, but at a cost.
Demelza wrestles with how best to
equip the community to look after
itself; Morwenna lends herself to the
cause. George’s sanity deteriorates.
Cary struggles under mounting


Episode Three
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investigate a lead at a hospital. Ed struggles with his conscience after a night working
on the Post's showbiz desk.