Airing at 12 Noon on Sunday, August 19
on 39.1: Dr. Amen talks about how you
can improve your memory and even
rescue it if you think it’s headed
for trouble.

The New York Times best-selling
author of Aging Backwards,
addresses the topic of chronic
pain in this special. She offers
a new approach to pain

August 19
1:30pm @ 39.1

In this program, award winning psychiatrist, brain-imaging expert and bestselling
author Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife Tana Amen offer 50 ways to grow your brain
and ignite your energy and focus. Airs at 3:00pm on Sunday, August 19 on 39.1.

BrainFit: 50 Ways To

Take a trip with Rick Steves Sunday at 4:30pm on 39.1 to learn the importance of
traveling outside the United States in order to experience other cultures, broaden
one's perspective and gain empathy toward people who may live and think differently.


Travel As A
Political Act

Airing at 6:00pm on channel 39.1, Sunday, August 19 is this, the story of the 550,000
brave Jewish Americans who served in World War II, fighting not only for their country,
but for their beliefs and brethren across the world.

Jewish-Americans in WWII

George has everything
going for him: Elizabeth,
an heir, the Poldark lands,
his own church. Meanwhile,
Demelza’s brothers take
up preaching. After
Caroline and Dwight
elope, Dwight vanishes.

Season 3

Episode 1
August 19
@ 39.1

Ross goes to revolutionary
France to search for information
about Dwight. George
dispenses rough justice in his
new role as magistrate.
Drake falls in love with the
governess Morwenna.

Season 3

Episode 2
August 19
@ 39.1

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Season Finale

Enjoy the world-renowned
Vienna Philharmonic's
annual open-air concert
featuring internationally
acclaimed soprano
Anna Netrebko
as guest soloist.

Vienna Philharmonic
Summer Night

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