On Monday night at 8:00pm on 39.1
(and again at 10:00pm), Watch as
Nashville becomes the heart of the
country music industry. The genre
grows in popularity during the Great
Depression and World War II as
America falls in love with singing
cowboys, Texas Swing and the Grand
Ole Opry’s Roy Acuff.

“Hard Times”
(1933 – 1945)

“The Rub”
(Beginnings – 1933)

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the first episode...
What was first called “hillbilly music”
reaches new audiences through
phonographs and radio, and
launches the careers of country
music’s first big stars, the Carter Family
and Jimmie Rodgers.

Join us at 11:00am on 39.1 Saturday night for this hour of contemporary country music.
Stapleton highlights his acclaimed second album "From A Room. Vol. 1." The jamming
Troubadours draw from their latest record, "A Long Way From Your Heart."



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Discover the life and career of Raúl Juliá,
the charismatic, award-winning actor and
humanitarian known for versatile roles on
stage and screen, from Shakespearean
plays to “The Addams Family.”

The World's a Stage

Raúl Juliá: