At 8:00pm Tuesday, June 25 on
39.1, follow historian James
Holland on his quest to understand
how the use of amphetamines
affected the course of World War II
and unleashed the first
pharmacological arms race.

Uncover the true story of the seven-week
period that changed China forever. On
June 4, 1989, a violent and bloody pro-
democracy demonstration ended, leaving
thousands dead, and laying the foundation
for China’s future.

Tuesday, June 25 at
9:00pm on 39.1

Join us for the adventure Wednesday, June 26 at 8:00pm on 39.1 and marvel at boiling
streams, crystal clear lagoons, pink river dolphins and a strange new reef -- some
of the many secret and extreme worlds of the Amazon, the greatest river system on Earth.

Rivers of Life

The Amazon

Wednesday night at 9:00pm on
39.1, NOVA presents an intimate
portrait of Neil Armstrong, the
first person to set foot on the
moon, through interviews
with Armstrong’s family
and friends.

First Man
on the

Stay tuned to PBS39 Wednesday night at 10:00pm and follow Bill Nye, once the host of the
popular kids show, as he seeks to change the world through science. He’s shedding the
“Science Guy” costume with the goal of creating a more scientifically literate world.

Science Guy

Bill Nye:

Click or tap here to stream and
go “all in” on updated appraisals
from the 2004 ANTIQUES
ROADSHOW in Reno, including an
inscribed Lone Ranger mask and
a Cartier cigarette case.


Click or tap on this slide to stream: The spotlight is beaming on drag shows and passion
plays in an Arkansas town. With compassion, "The Gospel of Eureka" builds unexpected
bridges between religious faith and sexual orientation.

The Gospel of Eureka