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Want to see the Downton Abbey Movie before the general public?

Airing at 12 Noon on 39.1 Wednesday, August 21, is this uplifting and entertaining
documentary featuring Patrick McKenna (“Harold” of the Red Green Show) as he talks
to researchers, specialists and doctors about ADD and ADHD.


Join John Sebastian of The Lovin’
Spoonful in a special featuring the
greatest singers and songwriters of the
classic 50s & 60s folk era, with historic
footage and new performances.

John Sebastian:
Folk Rewind
(My Music)

Wednesday, August 21,
8:00pm on channel 39.1

Stay tuned to channel 39.1 at
10:00pm Wednesday night to
join hosts Phyllis McGuire,
Pat Boone and Nick Clooney
for a nostalgic trip back to the
1950s pop music days with a
mix of live performance and
archival footage.


The Best Of
50s Pop