Sustaining donors support PBS39 through smaller, ongoing monthly donations. It’s a simple, hassle-free way for you to keep your commitment to supporting PBS39 going for as long as you like.

Two Ways to Join:

  • Donate online. You can donate monthly from a debit or credit card, or directly through your bank account.
  • Print and send a completed EFT Form to donate through your bank account. Mail it to the address below.

Membership Benefits

  • Hassle-free, automatic monthly donations
  • Lower monthly payments are easier on the bank account
  • Annual statements for seamless tax preparation
  • Flexibility to change or suspend your donation at any time
  • Ongoing membership continues month to month and year to year, until you opt out
  • Support environment incentives and help us decrease the number of printed letters

Membership Includes

  • PBS39 Passport, an online library of digital PBS39 content
  • Monthly program guide to inform you of upcoming programs
  • PBS39 Annual Report that highlights the impact of your support
  • Complimentary ticket offers to concerts, plays, and other special events

Join Today!

If you want to start a new membership or update your existing PBS39 membership to a sustaining membership, contact us!

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