This weekend, Create's
sewing experts create
fashionable bags that will
serve as the focal point
of any ensemble.

Create TV has
In The Bag

plus Sunday
12 Noon-6PM

Travel to the artistic capital of sub-Saharan Africa and meet four artists from diverse
backgrounds; Discover why post-Cold War Berlin has become a haven for artists from
all over the world.

Art In
The 21st

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Explore the internal mechanics of the human body through pioneering graphics
and captivating scientific case studies. Witness the fascinating and finely tuned
systems that keep the body motoring and the scientists guessing.

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Save the date for this new presentation
taking a timely look at how one institution
has met the changing demands of
healthcare for 150 years—and what it can
teach us about facing the challenges
of patient care today.

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September 25...

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