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A Beautiful
Day In The

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps
actor Andy Samberg and
author George R. R. Martin
answer some family mysteries
when DNA detective work
uncovers new branches of
their family trees. The DNA
analysis upends family history
and reveals new relatives.

Finding Your Roots:

Tuesday, Nov. 12 -- 8:00pm @ 39.1

& Other

Tuesday, November 12
9:00pm @ 39.1

Learn how America’s first subway, in Boston, overcame a litany of engineering challenges,
the greed-driven interests of businessmen and the great fears of its citizenry to create
a rapid transit system soon replicated throughout the country.

Kids Caught in
the Crackdown

Tuesday night at 10:00pm on 39.1: An investigation with The Associated Press into the
mass confinement of migrant children exposes the traumatic stories of migrant children
detained under Trump's immigration policies. Also, a report on the sexual exploitation
of women in Iraq.

Not to be missed is this
heartbreaking, inspiring and
largely untold story of Native
Americans in the United
States military. This film
relates the stories of Native
American warriors from
their own points of view.

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More than 50,000 local
interpreters helped protect
U.S. troops on the ground
in Iraq and Afghanistan,
enabling soldiers to
communicate with the
local population. In the
aftermath of war, some
have been able to leave
their home countries and
reach safety, while others
still languish in hiding
and fear for their lives.

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