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PBS39 is known throughout Northeast Indiana as a highly trusted media institution.

It has earned a reputation for national-quality broadcast productions.

We proudly bring you the same professionalism and creativity through Studio39.

Studio39 provides video production services for those whose who would like to take advantage of PBS39's high-quality, effective and award-winning video production team. We can produce your vision frame for frame, or be a part of your creative team from concept through completion. At any level of service, consider us your creative partner. We encourage you to reap the cost-effective benefits of this regional production powerhouse. This diversified business approach not only benefits area businesses, but PBS39 uses Studio39's revenues to support the core mission of our station.

Service Options

  • Turn-Key, Full-Service, Broadcast-Quality Audio/Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Television Programs & Commercials
  • Full-Service Marketing/Promotion Campaign
  • Corporate Training, Recruitment & Meeting Support
  • Corporate Image & Sales productions
  • Infomercials
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising Design/Layout (Print/Billboard/Outdoor)
  • Sales Support (Video/Multi-Media/Print)
  • DVD & Blu-ray Production

Studio39 Benefits

  • Experienced, innovative, professional staff
  • Studio: 60 X 90, air-conditioned, soundproof, vehicle drive-in capability
  • Green Screen Wall
  • Dedicated studio cameras with teleprompters
  • Green room for talent/make up
  • Full HD location production packages, including field prompter and jib arm
  • Voice-over booth
  • Full post-production capabilities
  • Media-ready, private meeting space
  • Lounge/kitchen
  • Complimentary parking

Studio39's Production Team

We're award-winning professionals with experience at leading advertising agencies, production houses and broadcast facilities.

Together we deliver decades of successful national account and major-market experience to your project. High-quality, high-impact production is the hallmark of Studio39 Productions.

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Call or e-mail us:

PBS39 Corporate Development Department

Jordan H. Lepper
(260) 471-5226