PBS39 is committed to providing learning resources that help to bridge the achievement gap. As kids spend time outside of the classroom this summer, PBS39 will release all-new content and resources to help keep them active and encourage exploration at home and outdoors with their favorite characters.

Summer Learning Materials

Find hours of fun activities in your Summer Learning Kit! Materials include two different activity books, a reading chart, bookmark, and "My Summer Fun" activity sheet. Attend any of our summer events or visit one of the following locations to pick up your materials. (This list will be updated as we add events and locations.)



Join the Summer Learning Challenge!

To complete the challenge:

  1. Pick up a summer reading chart.
  2. Read 10 books this summer and record them on the chart.
  3. Between August 1 - August 12, bring your completed reading chart to PBS39 and pick out a FREE book!


The PBS39 Summer Reading and Learning Program is brought to you by generous funding from PNC Bank.

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