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 PBS39 proudly offers a new British Comedy on channel 39.1 -- Still Open All Hours --  Saturdays at 9:00pm on channel 39.1.

Airing in the time slot formerly occupied by Moone Boy, this warm-hearted sitcom updating Roy Clarke’s classic comedy "Open All Hours" brongs home a mix of memorable characters. Still Open All Hours sees David Jason reprising his role as shopkeeper Granville, who has inherited the small corner shop from his beloved but miserly Uncle Arkwright.

Now running the business with his cheerful and good-looking son, Leroy – the result of a brief romantic encounter a couple of decades ago – Granville continues to serve the local community in his own inimitable fashion! With a keen eye on making a profit, Granville comes up with all kinds of hair-brained schemes to encourage his customers to part with their money, but things rarely turn out as he expects. And while Leroy has no shortage of female attention, Granville’s pursuit of old flame Mavis is repeatedly thwarted by her fiercely protective sister, Madge – and by the constant hovering presence of the Black Widow, who also seems to have her eye on Granville.

Still Open All Hours airs on PBS39 Channel 39.1 Saturdays at 9:00pm, Sunday afternoons at 4:00pm and Thursday evenings at 11:00pm.