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Saturdays at 9:00pm, revisit classic British comedy on channel 39.1  with Fawlty Towers on PBS39 channel 39.1.

If you've never seen it, this comedy takes you into the world of Basil Fawlty (played by Monty Python founder John Cleese): A much put-upon, hard-working hotel manager whose life is plagued by dead guests, hotel inspectors and other riff-raff. Of course, his biggest headache is his 'little nest of vipers' - his nagging wife Sibyl. Together they run their hotel, Fawlty Towers, with a little help from the unflappable Polly, and Manuel, the trainee waiter from Barcelona with marginally more intelligence than a monkey.

Starring the legendary John Cleese , Prunella Scales , Connie Booth and the late Andrew Sachs, Fawlty Towers is receiving guests again on PBS39 channel 39.1 Saturdays at 9:00pm (just before Doctor Who), again Sundays on 39.1 at 4:00pm, and Thursday nights on 39.1 at 11:00pm.