Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s annual State of the State address will be broadcast live, as it is delivered, beginning at 7:00pm ET Tuesday, January 14, on PBS39 channel 39.1.

During the expected 30-minute speech, Governor Holcomb is expected to announce his goals for the 2020 Indiana General Assembly and his administration’s other priorities for the final year of his four-year term.

Governor Holcomb, running for re-election this November, will be addressing both houses of the Indiana state legislature. His audience at the event includes both houses of the Indiana state legislature, including 100 state representatives and 25 of Indiana’s 50 state senators, also up for re-election this year in their respective districts.

This broadcast will pre-empt the regularly scheduled program for this time, BBC World News America, which can also be later Tuesday night at 8:00pm on channel 39.4.