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PrimeTime 39

This area's only in-depth, live, weekly news, analysis and cultural update forum, PrimeTime 39 airs Fridays at 7:30pm.


  • Indiana State Senator/Senate Pro Tem: David Long

Show Details:

This area's only in-depth, live, weekly news, analysis and cultural update forum, PrimeTime 39 airs Fridays at 7:30pm. This program is hosted by PBS39's President/General Manager Bruce Haines.

During the Indiana Legislative Session, Primietime39 features local legislators engaged in live discussions about the status of laws, policies, taxation and more. It's the best way you can stay informed about the legislative action that affects you and your family. 

Throughout the rest of the year, Primetime39 features local newsmakers and provides a live, interactive forum for you to learn more about your community and the people who are influencing and effecting change and growth right here in northeast Indiana.  No matter what time of year, you have the chance to weigh in with your opinions and questions, live, during each program! Go ahead...tune in and call in your questions for legislators and guest experts.


Title Episode Description Length Premiere Date Recurring Dates Link Blog Posts
Sen. David Long Discussion S12-E3 Indiana Legislative Session 27:00 1/23/15 https://vimeo.com/117649425
Indiana General Assembly Budget Session S12-E2 Indiana Legislative Session 27:00 1/16/15 https://vimeo.com/117350168
2015 Legislative Preview S12-E1 Indiana Legislative Session 28:00 01/09/15 https://vimeo.com/116551991
Fort Wayne Ballet S11-E43 Fort Wayne Ballet 27:00 12/05/14 https://vimeo.com/113764954
Heartland Sings: The Spirit of Christmas S11-E42 Heartland Chamber Chorale 27:00 11/21/14 https://vimeo.com/112543964
Mustard Seed Furniture Bank S11-E41 Mustard Seed 27:00 11/14/14 https://vimeo.com/111902167
Honor Flight S11-E40 Honor Flight Northeast Indiana 27:00 11/07/14 https://vimeo.com/111264817
Greater Fort Wayne S11-E39 Greater Fort Wayne 27:00 10/24/14 https://vimeo.com/109981813
State Health Insurance Assistance Program S11-E37 SHIP 27:00 10/10/14 https://vimeo.com/108846183
Allen County Government S11-E36 Local Government 27:00 10/06/14 https://vimeo.com/108177221
Advance Allen S11-E34 Local Government 27:00 9/19/14 https://vimeo.com/106645933
Alzheimer's Caregivers Support S11-E33 Alzheimer's & Caregivers 27:00 9/12/14 https://vimeo.com/106026162
Early Childhood Education S11-E32 Early Childhood Inititatives 27:00 8/29/14 https://vimeo.com/104676493
Fort Wayne Philharmonic S11-E31 Fort Wayne Philharmonic 27:00 8/22/14 https://vimeo.com/104067718
NEIRRS & The League for the Blind & Disabled S11-E30 Vision Loss 27:00 8/15/14 https://vimeo.com/103763685
Safe Families for Children S11-E29 SFFC 27:00 8/01/14 https://vimeo.com/102583114
ARCH S11-E28 Architecture and Community Heritage 27:00 7/25/14 https://vimeo.com/101766944
SCAN S11-E27 Stop Child Abuse & Neglect 27:00 7/18/14 https://vimeo.com/101131236
Little River Wetlands Project S11-E26 Little River Wetlands Project 27:00 6/27/14 https://vimeo.com/99582400
Summer Mobility & Vision Loss S11-E25 The League for the Blind & Disabled 27:00 6/20/14 https://vimeo.com/98782112
Summer Lawn & Garden Care S11-E24 Horticulture 27:00 6/13/14 https://vimeo.com/98186440