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Matters Of The Mind

Matters Of The Mind

Hosted by Dr. Jay Fawver, discussing mental health issues Mondays at 7:30pm.

Show Details:

Hosted by Dr. Jay Fawver, Matters of the Mind airs Mondays at 7:30pm. This program offers viewers the chance to interact with one of  this area's most respected mental health experts.

As a regular guest on PBS39’s HealthLine program over 19 years ago, Jay’s comfortable communication style was very well received by viewers. He started as host of the series Modern Parenting and that evolved into Matters of the Mind, a frank and intimate live on-air discussion with viewers about mental health issues.Dr. Fawver’s ability to connect with viewers one on one has made Matters of the Mind one of the longest running and highest rated interactive programs on PBS39. 


Title Episode Description Length Premiere Date Recurring Dates Link Blog Posts
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1420 Mental Health Issues 27:34 5/22/17 https://vimeo.com/218567430
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1419 Mental Health Issues 27:32 5/15/17 https://vimeo.com/217606617
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1418 Mental Health Issues 27:35 5/8/17 https://vimeo.com/216606933
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1417 Mental Health Issues 27:36 5/1/17 https://vimeo.com/215601020
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1416 Mental Health Issues 27:34 4/24/17 https://vimeo.com/214607392
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1415 Mental Health Issues 27:34 4/17/17 https://vimeo.com/213608896
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1414 Mental Health Issues 27:33 4/10/17 https://vimeo.com/212687893
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1413 Mental Health Issues 27:35 4/3/17 https://vimeo.com/211412202
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1410 Mental Health Issues 27:34 3/13/17 https://vimeo.com/208249186
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1409 Mental Health Issues 27:34 3/6/17 https://vimeo.com/207220526
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1408 Mental Health Issues 27:33 2/27/17 https://vimeo.com/205995094
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1407 Mental Health Issues 27:34 2/20/17 https://vimeo.com/204988609
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1406 Mental Health Issues 27:34 2/13/17 https://vimeo.com/203942010
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1405 Mental Health Issues 27:33 2/6/17 https://vimeo.com/202869780
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1404 Mental Health Issues 27:33 1/30/17 https://vimeo.com/201788483
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1403 Mental Health Issues 27:34 1/23/17 https://vimeo.com/200771115
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1402 Mental Health Issues 27:34 1/16/17 https://vimeo.com/199766552
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1350 Mental Health Issues 27:35 12/19/16 https://vimeo.com/196381248
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1349 Mental Health Issues 27:33 12/12/16 https://vimeo.com/195403603
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1348 Mental Health Issues 27:32 11/28/16 https://vimeo.com/193475274
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1346 Mental Health Issues 27:36 11/21/16 https://vimeo.com/192566847
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1345 Mental Health Issues 27:33 11/14/16 https://vimeo.com/191581754
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1344 Mental Health Issues 27:34 11/7/16 https://vimeo.com/190660323
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1343 Mental Health Issues 27:35 10/31/16 https://vimeo.com/189730024
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1342 Mental Health Issues 27:34 10/24/16 https://vimeo.com/188766316
Matters Of The Mind S15-E1340 Mental Health Issues 27:34 10/10/16 https://vimeo.com/186357946