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PBS39 uses the power of media to impact and empower. We aim to provide both parents and teachers with resources that are valuable, relevant, and effective. Explore our rich collection of resources that stretch across media meduims and cover topics that create dialogues that foster learning.

PBS Parents | From development to parenting, shopping and education, PBS Parents has resources and tips on raising children, planning birthday parties and kids activities. Explore our parenting advice and join other PBS parents in conversation.

PBS Learning Media Indiana | PBS Learning Media is a  powerful new on-demand media service developed  especially for PreK-12 educators and parents. PBS LearningMedia provides FREE instant access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted videos,  interactives, images, documents,  in-depth lesson plans and more  from PBS and public media partners.

PBS KIDS Mobile Learning Program | This initiative is part of the Ready to Learn program, providing preschool and early elementary school children free access to PBS KIDS educational mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. With a collection of eight apps, PBS KIDS focuses on math and literacy development  and school readiness. Parents check out pbskids.org/apps for PBS KIDS' entire collection.

PBS39 Video Field Trips | Enjoy off-campus experiences at home or in the classroom with our award-winning collection of locally-produced video field trips. Emphasizing early learning in math, science, consumer economics, health/safety, and financial education, these educational videos supplement teaching and engage learning.Perfect for grades K-12 grade.

Ready to Learn | This national inititiative utilizes transmedia resources to promote early learning, family engagement, and community-based learning. Focused on literacy and math development PBS has developed curriculum sourced through programs, online games, and mobile apps to leverages the power of media in order to lessen achievement gaps amongst low-income students.