Live from the Indiana Statehouse


INDIANA STATEHOUSEWant to know more about what's going on down at the Indiana Statehouse during the Legislative session? Have you ever wanted to watch our laws and public policies being shaped, while they're being shaped?

Now you can.

The Indiana State Legislature is now streaming video directly to the Internet while they're in session. This allows you to watch what's happening in session at the Indiana Statehouse, while it's happening.

PBS39 is proud to support this technological innovation for a free and open government in Indiana by providing you with the following easy links so you can follow the proceedings in progress during this legislative session. This streaming video is compatible with Windows Media player, available as a free download for your computer.

There are downloads available for both Windows PCs and Apple computers.

Click the link you wish to watch:INDIANA STATEHOUSE STREAMING VIDEO

Indiana State Senate (live when in session)

Watch video from the Indiana State Senate Archive

Indiana House Of Representatives (live when in session)

Watch video from the Indiana House of Representatives Archive


Watch video from the Senate Conference Room 130 (when in conference)

Watch video from the Senate Conference Room 233 (when in conference)

Watch video from the Senate Appropriations Room 431 (when in session)

Indiana House Of Representatives Committee Room 156c (live when in session)


Watch video from the House Ways & Means Committee (live when in session)

Watch archival Indiana House Ways and Means Committee Video


To find out daily meeting times for the legislature, or to find out who your state legislators are, click on one of the links below:

The Indiana General Assembly Home Page:

For a calendar of House Committee Schedules, click here.

For a calendar of Senate Committee Schedules, click here.

To search for your state legislator, click here:

To contact your state legislator, click here:

No part of the audio or video coverage provided may be used for a commercial purpose intended to result in a profit or other tangible benefit to any person without the permission of the Legislative Council. Except as provided in IC 2-5-1.1, audio or video coverage does not constitute legislative history or an expression of the legislative intent, purpose, or meaning or an act enacted of a resolution adopted by the General Assembly.


PRIMETIME39During the legislative session tune in to PBS39 WFWA-DT Friday nights at 7:30pm and watch PrimeTime39. PrimeTime39 is this area's only weekly in-depth and interactive program that brings state legislators from Indianapolis, live, into your living rooms from the PBS39 WFWA-DT studio.