PBS39 wants to see your holiday traditions, from decking your house out in lights, recreating family recipes or volunteering in your community; we want your videos showcasing what your family does to celebrate the season every year.

Submit a 2-minute video using the guidelines below showing and telling about your tradition. PBS39 will gather all the submissions and create the local show, Holiday Traditions. This show will be aired multiple times during the holiday season on PBS39.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submit your information using our online form.  All participants  must agree to the terms and conditions for participation by clicking on the button below. Once you do, instructions for uploading your video will be emailed to you.
  2. Videos should be about 2 minutes in length.
  3. All videos must be submitted to PBS39 by 5:00pm Friday, December 6.
  4. Questions? Email holidaytraditions@wfwa.org or call  260-484-8839, Monday-Friday during regular business hours with any questions.
  5. To see the complete Terms and Conditions, click this link or click on the button below.

Filming Tips and Suggestions

For more information on how to shoot video using your phone or tablet, watch the video at right.

Filming Tips

  • Have your subject(s) facing the strongest light source (sun, window, lamp).
  • Find a quiet place. We want to hear what you have to say!
  • Use the rear-facing camera when possible (on the side opposite the screen)
  • Shoot your video wide screen (landscape — phone or tablet on its side), not vertical.

Talking Points

Introduce your family and your tradition.  Example: “We’re the Williams family from Fort Wayne.” or, “This is Jeremy, Wendy, Charlie and Max, we live in Huntington.  Our favorite holiday tradition is…”

Try to show as much as your story as you can. Show those decorations, the finished treats, old photos… make it visual!

Be yourself. Think of this video being shared with thousands of your friends throughout the community.

The rest is up to you. Share your story, take pride in the special ways you and your family celebrate the holidays.  Fun, heartfelt, wacky…we all have our own unique way of spending time with the ones we love.