July 4, 2010 marked the return of High-Definition broadcasting
to PBS39 as, officially, we re-introduced channel PBS39/39-1 as PBS39HD.

WFWA PBS39 was the first TV station in northeast Indiana to begin broadcasting a digital signal in February 2004. One component of our service to this area was a high-definition feed directly from PBS that was broadcast on digital Channel 39-2. In the early-adoption days of digital TV, those few that had digital sets raved about its quality, available for free, over-the-air.

   PBS39 had fulfilled our commitment to digital broadcasting when we then became the first TV station in this area to offer a multicasting service -- that is, separately programmed standard-definition (SD) channels through Channel 39's digital frequency -- when the HD feed was discontinued here in 2006. Even so, viewers gained three new channels in the process: Kids39, Create TV and most recently, 39-4you.

As more and more digital TVs became available and affordable, demand grew to bring PBS39's programming into the high-def realm. We had a choice to make: Use our allotted bandwidth/frequency to offer one HD channel and one SD channel to area viewers OR keep on broadcasting four SD channels while we sought funding to upgrade our broadcast infrastructure and allow us to convert 39-1 to HD and still keep our other three channels untouched.

   Thanks to a major gift from the Madge Rothschild Foundation this year, PBS39 was able to procure and install this upgrade offering you the very best that we and this medium have to offer in high-definition
on channel 39-1/PBS39HD.

   What does this all mean? To those of you who own a digital TV set and receive our signal over-the-air, you'll now be able to enjoy as much HD programming as we can bring you on PBS39HD in true high-definition without any additional upgrades to your home equipment. To viewers who receive us on area cable systems, you'll be able to enjoy PBS39HD as you always have on Comcast digital channels 3 and 240 and Frontier (formerly Verizon) FiOS channels 3 and 470, but also on the Frontier FiOS tier of local digital and high-def stations on channel 503. For Comcast Digital cable customers, Channel 240 will be the home of PBS39HD.

   If you watch TV using a cable system outside the Fort Wayne/Allen County or, via a satellite service such as DirectTV or Dish Network, you may wish to check with your provider to see where our PBS39HD/Channel 39-1 will move to.

If you watch TV using a digital converter box hooked to an analog TV set, you will not experience
any changes at all.
Your older analog set will only be able to give you the same standard-definition
picture it is capable of showing.

   On our website's home page -- is a valuable resource. At the bottom of the online schedule lineup, there is a line titled "EDIT PREFERENCES." By clicking on this, you'll go to a page where you can choose the resource you use to watch TV, from area cable companies to simple over-the-air reception.  Finally, the online schedule's listings note which programs are available in HD and which ones aren't.

   Through the grace and generosity of our community partners, particularly the Madge Rothschild Foundation, PBS39 is proud to reward your faith and patience as we bring you 39HD --and welcome back full-time HD broadcasting -- on channel 39-1.

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