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The 3 Rivers Film Festival - now in its fourth year - is a combined effort between Cinema Center and PBS39 to highlight and celebrate the visual arts - specifically local amateur talent working with film and video.



This FREE event, an official part of the 2014 Three Rivers Festival, combines a public celebration and showcase at Cinema Center on July 16th at 8pm, with an encore public screening on Sunday July 20th at 8pm, as well as a selection of submissions broadcast on PBS39 at 7pm Sunday July 20th.


                          The selections have been made for the 3 Rivers Film Festival!

52 video projects in total were submitted, double what we’ve seen in past years! We're gratefull to all of those who entered. To keep the Festival within the targeted 90 min total time, 16 films were selected for the public screenings.  In no particular order, they are;

Film Title                                                         Submitted by:

Kerplunk                                                          Jennifer McKibben

Where the River Goes                                    Anthony Frederick

Live It Up                                                         Kelly Lynch

Wildlife for Sale                                               Sarah Jones

Unreasonable Doubt                                      Zachary McIntyre

The Stick/The Socks/The Spider                  Daniel Hart

Travel Refreshed                                            Kelly Lynch

Chances                                                         Nichole Root

Rattlesnake Man                                            Gretchen Meinzen

Dealing with Death                                         Justin Sims

Beauty and Betrayal                                       Danielle Wright

Ice Beast                                                         Gretchen Meinzen

Henry Williams and the Maneto Egg            Joe Griebel

The Bridge                                                      Ellen Cornwell

Opun for Business                                          Rigel Jaquish

Slender                                                            Jacob Hosler


Some of these films will be broadcast on PBS39 on Sunday July 20th at 7pm; the final announcement of that lineup will be made at the conclusion of the 3 Rivers Film Festival screening at the Cinema Center Wednesday evening.



We hope to see you July 16th for the premier, or July 20th for the encore at Cinema Center. Tell your friends, support local creatives and Cinema Center by viewing the work of these local filmmakers and storytellers...

Sponsored by 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union.