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The 3 Rivers Film Festival is a combined effort between Cinema Center and PBS39 to highlight and celebrate the visual arts - specifically local amateur talent working with film and video.

This event is free, with no submission fees and no entrance cost to the screenings. It is an official part of Fort Wayne's Three Rivers Festival.


The 8pm premier on July 15th was standing room only! Thanks to everyone that made the Film Festival a success. The audience in attendance at both the 8pm and 10pm screenings had the opportunity to vote for what they thought were the best 3 submissions, with an "Audience Choice," award of $150 for the piece with the most votes. The tally was quite close, with every submission getting multiple votes. Here are the results;

Winner:                       The Gift of Hope             Category: Drama                 Submitter: Lance Clark

2nd Runner Up:         Neighbirds                      Category: Animation           Submitter: Thong Nguyen

3rd Runner Up:          Out from Darkness        Category: Music Video       Submitter: David Page

Congrats to Lance Clark and his crew!


Here are the rest of the submissions that were screened at Cinema Center as part of  the 2015 3 Rivers Film Festival:


The Ride


            Category: Drama                 Submitter: Jacob Hinsey


            Category: Comedy             Submitter: Rigel Jaquish

The Man in the Woods

            Category: Drama                 Submitter: Joe Griebel


            Category: Music Video       Submitter: Matt Lutz

The Hitman

            Category: Drama                 Submitter: Sam Hefty


The Little Things


            Category: Animation          Submitter: Sarah Jones

The title... is everything

            Category: Music Video      Submitter: Rigel Jaquish

At Your Service

            Category: Drama                 Submitter: James Fazzaro


            Category: Comedy             Submitter: Matthew Christian

Procrastinated Away

            Category: Animation           Submitter: Elise Walters

Best of our Generation

            Category: Music Video       Submitter: Kailey Behrens

Bear in Mind

            Category: Comedy             Submitter: Matt Lutz




All of the above entries will be broadcast on PBS39 channel 39.1 Sunday, July 19 at 11:00pm.


Thanks for all the submissions! Tell your friends, support local creatives, make some more great films and videos to submit next year!

Thanks to our corporate sponsor for this event: 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union.