ANN COLONEAt PBS39, we are proud to be the curator of the memories of a great friend of the station, who also happened to be one of this area's
television pioneers: Ann Colone.

As a host and interviewer, Ann Colone's personality, wit and adventuresome spirit helped make her a viewer favorite during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. As performers, political figures and celebrities of every stripe made their way across America, they inevitably stopped in Fort Wayne, or nearby. And, if they could be, they ANN COLONE AND JOHNNY MATHIS were interviewed by Ann Colone.

   Every Monday through Friday at 1:00 pm, housework across the tri-state area came to a standstill as thousands tuned in to WANE-TV. Who would be the guest today? What would Ann do this afternoon? People eagerly tuned in each day because literally anything could happen on her show...and it usually did.

 ANN COLONE AND ROSE MARIE  Ann felt that those watching at home wanted to escape the workaday world of their hometown and were eager to meet the many interesting people that inhabited a bigger world outside their living rooms. She introduced her viewers to that world and those people during her 18-year career as the Fort Wayne area's first, and most prominent, talk show host.

   Ann Colone Remembers is a remarkable ANN COLONE AND TELLY SAVALAS retrospective of the life, times and extraordinary career of this TV pioneer. Using interviews with Ann, her colleagues and highlights gleaned from Ann's personal photographic, film and video archives, you'll be transported back to those anticipated afternoons and the memories they created...memories of celebrities, events and the wonders of the world brought into thousands of homes, each weekday, by Ann Colone.

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