Want to find PBS39's
Four Digital Channels?
Here We Are...

Below are WFWA's four digital channels. The channel where they can be seen is designated below the logo as they can be seen for free, over the air as broadcast by WFWA. Below that is where these channels can be seen on some cable and satellite systems in the Fort Wayne/Allen County area.

If you live outside of Fort Wayne/Allen County, Indiana, and want to know how to which of our channels are offered through your local cable system, click here to go to PBS39's programming page. At the top of the page when you see our programming lineup, click on the SEARCH PROVIDERS link, and scroll down to find the cable service you use or that's available in your area. Select that service, and the channel lineup will automatically change to reflect the number of channels and where they can be found around your hometown.

If you watch our broadcast over the air, click here to find out about our signal and the kind of antenna you should be using to receive digital televsion for free & over-the-air.

If you want to see how strong the DTV signals are in your area, click here to access the FCC's digital TV signal strength map.

39-1 — PBS39HD (High Definition Digital TV):
PBS39’s traditional broadcast channel with the widest variety of non-commericial, educational programming anywhere.

You can see this channel on:
Comcast Cable Channel 3 & Comcast Digital Cable Channels 3, 240 and 1003
Frontier FiOS Channels 3 & 470 and in high definition on 503.
DirectTV Channel 39
Dish Network-Channel 39



39-2 — Kids39 (Standard Definition Digital):
24/7 award-winning educational public television children’s programming.
You can see this channel on:
Comcast Digital Cable Channel 241
Frontier FiOS Channel 471
Dish Network Channel 7441



39-3 — createTV (Standard Definition Digital): 24/7 award-winning programs for do-it-yourselfers.
You can see this channel on:
Comcast Digital Cable Channel 242
Frontier FiOS Channel 472


39-4 - 39-4you (Standard Definition Digital):
News, information documentaries and more, 'round the clock.
You can see this channel on:
Comcast Digital Cable Channel 243
Frontier FiOS Channel 473

On April 25th, 2003, PBS39 celebrated a major milestone: We met a critical FCC deadline and at the same time, inaugurated the first regularly scheduled digital TV, or DTV, broadcast service to the Fort Wayne area. Later, we were the first TV station to offer 'round-the-clock high-definition TV (HDTV) broadcasts.

Since then we have been able to add on to our digital broadcast capability, culminating in our becoming the first TV broadcaster in our service region to begin continuous Standard-Definition TV (SDTV) Multicasting operations.

We completed this buildout and transition to All-Digital TV Broadcasting at Midnight, February 17th, 2009
when we ceased normal analog broadcast operations.

On July 4, 2010, we officially returned to high-definition digital broadcasting when PBS39/39-1 became PBS39HD, thanks to equipment & technical assets procured with a generous grant
from the Madge Rothschild Foundation.

At PBS39, our mission is to bring you the very best that TV has to offer every day. We're proud to bring our viewers more choices and more programming as part of our tradition of excellence.

With all of our partners, PBS39 is committed to utilizing digital TV to build and strengthen our community at large. We and our partners in progress have a vision - and are working toward this vision daily - to help the community we serve become stronger and more competitive in national and global arenas by supporting equal access to programming and content that promotes lifelong learning.