Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight is this area's only weekly TV resource devoted to offering an interactive news & discussion forum to area seniors and their families. Wednesdays at 7:30, you can tune in and find out about subjects such as elder law, hospice care, financial planning and more

If you missed the latest edition of Senior Spotlight when it aired, you can watch it here.

Sandy Thomson

Hosted by veteran broadcaster Sandy Thomson
, ask the experts your questions by calling toll free to 1-866-969-2720 or (260) 969-2720 during the live broadcast of the show. Subjects from health and wellness, elder law, family issues, financial planning and more are rotuinely covered during each interactive half-hour.

Senior Spotlight airs again on 39-4you/Channel 39-4, as recorded, Thursdays at 8:00pm; Saturdays at 6:00am and 4:30pm and finally Sundays at 5:30pm, in addition to being able to view the most recent edition online.

Senior Spotlight is graciously underwritten by

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