A Closer Look

Welcome to the most recent edition of PBS39's A Closer Look.


There are moments when a single issue or a particular program deserves more than the time & space allotted it in a TV schedule. PBS39 understands this. That's why we have A Closer Look, a special "series that's not a series" devoted to bringing those issues and themes down from a global or national level to be examined right here at home, by local experts and people who deal with these same issues every day with people just like you, and people you know.

Why is this a "series that's not a series?"

Programs in A Closer Look mostly air adjacent to nationally produced programs. Some might be well-known PBS series; others might be documentaries from other resources that are less well-known, but whose subject matter are just as important to those uf us in the northeast Indiana region. As such, these shows may or may not air at regularly scheduled times, but they will air when they are timely, especially when they have to do with subjects that are in the the news and affecting our futures.

We strive to hold objective, timely and informative roundtable discussions with local experts about these issues, offering you the information within them so tha you can gain a greater appreciation of the world at large, but also the world that is just off your doorstep.