Asbestos and trees are removed at the house and old fixtures are salvaged, while the guys
visit the very first This Old House project. On Ask This Old House, Mark repairs a retaining
wall, Tom discusses air compressors and Richard installs a dryer.

Thursday Night @ 8PM on 39.1

Charley Pride:
I'm Just Me

Feb. 22
at 9:00pm
on 39.1

At 9:00pm on Friday, February 22, join us on 39.1 for
this exploration of the complicated history of the
American South and its music through the life of
country star Charley Pride.


Landmarks Live
In Concert

At 10:00pm on Friday, February 22, country music superstar Brad Paisley returns to his
roots in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains for a special outdoor concert. Hosted
by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Miss this when it aired? Click or tap on this slide to take a look at the
variety of activity, both human and natural, that occurs on the
slopes of active volcanoes.


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In the shadow of Vesuvius and Pompeii, a lesser-
known volcano puts the city of Naples at risk. Can an innovative
eruption warning system save it?

The Next Pompeii

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Nero, the infamous Roman emperor, as a forensics profiler attempts to find out what
history may have gotten right -- and wrong -- about his alleged tyranny.


Sammy Davis Jr:
I've Gotta Be Me

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stream this film!

Explore Sammy Davis, Jr.’s vast talent and journey for identity
through the shifting tides of civil rights and racial progress
during 20th-century America. With Billy Crystal, Whoopi
Goldberg, and clips from TV, film and concert performances.

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